Yes, Your Grace: A Medieval Strategy Game with Moral Dilemmas

Yes, Your Grace: A Medieval Strategy Game with Moral Dilemmas

Yes, Your Grace is a strategy game developed by Brave At Night and published by No More Robots. It was released in March 2020 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch. The game puts you in the role of King Eryk, a ruler of a fictional kingdom called Davern, who must deal with various requests from his subjects, allies and enemies.

The game is inspired by Slavic folklore and medieval history, and features pixel art graphics and a dynamic soundtrack. The gameplay consists of managing your resources, such as gold, supplies and army, as well as making decisions that affect the story and the outcome of the game. You can choose to help or reject the people who come to your throne room, but each choice has consequences that may benefit or harm you in the long run.

The game also explores themes such as family, loyalty, justice and morality. You have to balance your duties as a king with your personal relationships with your wife and three daughters. You also have to face the threat of an invading army led by a mysterious warlord called Radovia. How you handle these situations will determine the fate of your kingdom and your legacy.

Yes, Your Grace is a game that challenges you to think carefully about your actions and their repercussions. It is a game that makes you question what it means to be a good king and a good person. It is a game that offers multiple endings based on your choices and achievements. If you are looking for a strategy game with a rich story and a medieval setting, you might want to give Yes, Your Grace a try.

One of the unique features of Yes, Your Grace is that you can interact with various characters and objects in your castle. You can talk to your family members, advisors, guards and servants, and learn more about their personalities and backgrounds. You can also explore different rooms and areas of your castle, such as the gardens, the dungeons and the treasury. You may find hidden secrets, clues and items that can help you in your quest.

Another feature of Yes, Your Grace is that you can recruit different allies to join your cause. You can meet different lords, generals, witches, hunters and other characters who have their own skills and abilities. You can use them to assist you in battles, investigations and events. However, you have to pay them a certain amount of gold or supplies every week, and some of them may have ulterior motives or hidden agendas.

Yes, Your Grace is a game that offers a lot of replay value. The game has multiple branching paths and endings that depend on your choices and actions. You can try different strategies and see how they affect the outcome of the game. You can also unlock achievements and secrets that add more depth and content to the game. You can even play the game in different languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish, Polish and Russian.