Where Can I Buy Jalapeño Bagels?

Where Can I Buy Jalapeño Bagels?

If you are looking for a spicy and savory treat, you might be wondering where you can buy jalapeño bagels. Jalapeño bagels are bagels that are topped or mixed with jalapeño peppers and sometimes cheese, giving them a zesty and cheesy flavor. They are perfect for breakfast or lunch, especially if you like a little kick in your food.

Fortunately, there are several places where you can buy jalapeño bagels, either online or in person. Here are some of the options you can try:

  • New Yorker Bagels: This online store sells fresh and authentic New York-style bagels that are shipped directly to your door. They have a variety of flavors, including jalapeño red pepper, which has jalapeño peppers distributed throughout the dough. You can order a dozen of these spicy bagels for $39.50 or subscribe and save 10%. Many customers have praised these bagels for their quality and taste.
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels: This is a popular bagel chain that has locations across the US. They offer a jalapeño cheddar gourmet bagel, which is topped with jalapeño pepper slices and mild cheddar cheese. You can order this bagel online or find a store near you. You can also customize your bagel with different spreads and toppings.
  • Whole Foods Market: This is a grocery store that sells natural and organic products. They also have a bakery section where you can find fresh-baked breads, rolls, and bagels. One of their products is Gabriel’s jalapeño bagels, which are made with organic ingredients and have a mild spice level. You can find these bagels at your local Whole Foods Market or order them online.

These are some of the places where you can buy jalapeño bagels, but you can also try making your own at home if you have the ingredients and the time. Jalapeño bagels are a delicious way to spice up your day!

Now that you know where to buy jalapeño bagels, you might be wondering how to enjoy them. Here are some tips and ideas for making the most of your spicy bagels:

  • Toast them: Toasting your jalapeño bagels will make them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, as well as enhance their flavor and aroma. You can use a toaster, an oven, or a skillet to toast your bagels. Just be careful not to burn them or dry them out.
  • Spread them: You can add some extra creaminess and richness to your jalapeño bagels by spreading some butter, cream cheese, or sour cream on them. You can also try some other spreads that complement the spice, such as hummus, guacamole, salsa, or pesto.
  • Top them: You can turn your jalapeño bagels into a satisfying meal by topping them with some protein and veggies. Some of the options you can try are eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, avocado, tomato, lettuce, onion, or cucumber. You can also make a sandwich with two bagel halves and your favorite fillings.

Jalapeño bagels are a versatile and delicious food that you can enjoy anytime of the day. Whether you buy them online or in person, or make them at home, you will love their spicy and savory taste. Try them today and see for yourself!