Sideways 001: A New Comic Book Series About a Teenage Superhero

Sideways 001: A New Comic Book Series About a Teenage Superhero

Sideways 001 is the first issue of a new comic book series published by DC Comics. The series follows the adventures of Derek James, a teenager who gains the ability to create portals to other dimensions after being caught in the Dark Multiverse event. Derek uses his newfound powers to become a superhero named Sideways, but he soon discovers that his actions have consequences in both his own world and the multiverse.

The series is written by Dan DiDio and Justin Jordan, with art by Kenneth Rocafort and Daniel Brown. The first issue introduces the main characters, the origin of Sideways’ powers, and his first encounter with a mysterious villain named Killspeed. The issue also features a cameo appearance by Superman, who warns Sideways about the dangers of his abilities.

Sideways 001 is part of the New Age of DC Heroes initiative, which aims to introduce new and diverse characters to the DC Universe. The series is inspired by Spider-Man and other teenage superheroes, but with a twist of sci-fi and multiversal elements. The series also explores themes such as identity, responsibility, and family.

Sideways 001 is available in comic book stores and digital platforms now. Fans of superhero comics, especially those who enjoy stories about young heroes with amazing powers, should check out this new series.

In the next issue, Sideways 002, Derek will face more challenges as he tries to balance his superhero life with his personal life. He will have to deal with his mother’s worries, his best friend’s curiosity, and his crush’s interest. He will also encounter new threats from the multiverse, such as the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the Tempus Fuginaut. And he will learn more about the origin and purpose of his powers, as well as the secrets of his past.

Sideways 002 will also feature a backup story by Dan DiDio and Shane Davis, which will explore the history and mythology of the Dark Multiverse. The backup story will reveal how the Dark Multiverse was created, what it represents, and how it affects the main DC Universe. The backup story will also introduce new characters and concepts that will play a role in Sideways’ future adventures.

Sideways 002 is scheduled to be released on March 14, 2023. Don’t miss this exciting second issue of Sideways, the new comic book series about a teenage superhero who can travel through dimensions.

But wait, there’s more! Sideways 002 also comes with a special variant cover by Jorge Jimenez, which features Sideways and Superman in a dynamic pose. The variant cover is a homage to the classic cover of Amazing Spider-Man #50, which showed Spider-Man and Kingpin in a similar situation. The variant cover is a tribute to Sideways’ inspiration and a nod to the fans of both characters.

If you want to get your hands on this awesome variant cover, you’ll have to hurry. The variant cover is limited to only 3000 copies, and they are expected to sell out fast. So make sure you pre-order your copy of Sideways 002 with the variant cover from your local comic book store or online retailer before it’s too late.

And that’s not all. Sideways 002 also comes with a digital code that you can use to download a free copy of the first issue of Sideways. That’s right, you can get two issues of Sideways for the price of one. How cool is that? This is a great opportunity for you to catch up on the series if you missed the first issue, or to share it with a friend who might enjoy it.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order your copy of Sideways 002 today. You won’t regret it. Sideways is the new comic book series that will take you on a thrilling ride through the multiverse. Don’t miss this chance to join Sideways on his amazing adventures.