How RNQ_@Storeysoft Can Help You Create Engaging Digital Stories

Digital storytelling is a powerful way to connect with your audience, convey your brand message, and drive action. But creating digital stories can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tools and skills. That’s why you need RNQ_@Storeysoft, a browser extension that integrates with STORYSOFT, the #1 digital storytelling platform for marketers.

RNQ_@Storeysoft allows you to easily create and share immersive Instagram-style stories that boost consumer engagement. You can use RNQ_@Storeysoft to:

  • Build digital stories quickly with the Story Builder.
  • Deliver stories to audiences through email, SMS, organic social, paid social, SEM ads, display ads, QR codes & embed into websites.
  • Track performance using the integrated analytics portal.
  • Collect first-party data and transfer it to your CRM.
  • Add interactivity and gamification to your stories.
  • Create personalized content for each customer.

RNQ_@Storeysoft is compatible with Chrome and Edge browsers and works with any website that supports STORYSOFT stories. You can use RNQ_@Storeysoft to create stories for any industry, such as luxury goods, automotive, life sciences, and more. Whether you want to tell a brand story, launch a new product, educate your customers, or generate leads, RNQ_@Storeysoft can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Ready to start telling breakthrough digital stories? Download RNQ_@Storeysoft today and get a free trial of STORYSOFT. You’ll be amazed by how easy and fun it is to create engaging digital experiences with RNQ_@Storeysoft and STORYSOFT.

If you’re wondering how RNQ_@Storeysoft works, here’s a simple overview. After you download and install the browser extension, you’ll see a RNQ_@Storeysoft icon on your toolbar. When you click on it, you’ll be able to access the Story Builder, where you can create your digital stories using templates, images, videos, text, and more. You can also preview your stories and edit them as you like.

Once you’re happy with your story, you can share it with your audience using any marketing channel. You can copy and paste the story link, generate a QR code, or embed the story into your website. You can also use RNQ_@Storeysoft to share stories created by other STORYSOFT users, as long as they have given you permission.

To track the performance of your stories, you can use the analytics portal, which shows you metrics such as views, completion rate, engagement rate, clicks, conversions, and more. You can also see which screens are most popular, which ones are causing drop-offs, and how your audience is interacting with your stories. You can use this data to optimize your stories and improve your marketing strategy.

One of the best features of RNQ_@Storeysoft is that it allows you to collect first-party data from your audience. You can ask them questions, get their feedback, or capture their contact information using forms and surveys. All the data collected by RNQ_@Storeysoft is stored securely and can be transferred to your CRM for further analysis and follow-up.