Resident Evil Revelations 2: A Thrilling Survival Horror Game

Resident Evil Revelations 2: A Thrilling Survival Horror Game

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is an episodic survival horror game developed and published by Capcom as part of the Resident Evil series. The game is a follow up to Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil 5, and it marks the return of Claire Redfield as the main protagonist, and the first time Barry Burton is a playable story character in the main series.

The game is set between the events of Resident Evil 5 and 6, in 2011. The story begins when Claire and her co-workers, including Barry Burton’s daughter Moira Burton, are at a party in the headquarters of the NGO TerraSave, when they are attacked by unknown assailants and taken away to a deserted island in the Baltic Sea. There, they face a new threat: the Afflicted, mutated humans who have been infected by a mysterious virus. Claire and Moira must work together to survive and find out who is behind their abduction. Meanwhile, Barry arrives on the island six months later, looking for his missing daughter. He is joined by Natalia Korda, a little girl with supernatural abilities who can sense enemies and hidden items.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is a survival horror game which supports cooperative gameplay. When played in single player mode, the player must switch characters to solve puzzles and do certain actions. Claire and Barry use guns and melee weapons to fight enemies, while Moira and Natalia use flashlights and bricks to assist them. The game also has stealth elements, as some enemies can be avoided or killed silently. The game consists of four episodes, each with two scenarios: one for Claire and Moira, and one for Barry and Natalia. Each episode also includes Raid mode content, a multiplayer mode where players can fight enemies and collect items in different maps.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 received mixed to positive reviews from critics and fans. The game was praised for its setting, story, characters and the co-op gameplay, but criticized for its graphics and some technical issues. As of August 2022, the game reached a combined 4.4 million units sold (including the Switch collection), surpassing its predecessor.

If you are looking for a thrilling survival horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you should check out Resident Evil Revelations 2. You can buy it on Steam for a special promotion price of $11.99 until May 7, or on other platforms such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita or Nintendo Switch.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is not only a great survival horror game, but also a rich and immersive story that explores the themes of family, friendship, betrayal and redemption. The game features multiple endings and choices that affect the outcome of the story and the fate of the characters. The game also has many references and connections to the previous Resident Evil games, as well as some new twists and surprises.

One of the highlights of the game is the co-op gameplay, which allows two players to play together online or offline. The co-op mode enhances the gameplay experience by adding more strategy and teamwork. Each pair of characters has different abilities and skills that complement each other. For example, Claire can use firearms and explosives to deal damage, while Moira can use her flashlight to stun enemies and find hidden items. Barry can use his combat knife and magnum to dispatch enemies quickly, while Natalia can use her psychic powers to sense enemies and manipulate objects. The co-op mode also adds more replay value to the game, as players can switch roles and try different strategies.

Another highlight of the game is the Raid mode, which is a multiplayer mode where players can fight enemies and collect items in different maps. The Raid mode is similar to the Mercenaries mode from previous Resident Evil games, but with more customization and variety. Players can choose from different characters, weapons, skills and costumes to create their own style of play. The Raid mode also has different missions, objectives and difficulties to challenge players of all skill levels. The Raid mode is a fun and addictive way to enjoy the game with friends or solo.