What is pikabu_ru_by.7z and how to open it?

Pikabu_ru_by.7z is a compressed file that contains data from Pikabu, a Russian information and entertainment community website similar to Reddit. The file extension 7Z indicates that the file was created by 7-Zip, a free and open-source file compression tool that supports encryption and high compression ratio. The file name pikabu_ru_by suggests that the file contains data from the Belarusian version of Pikabu, which was launched in 2019 after the Russian government blocked access to the original website for Belarusian users .

To open pikabu_ru_by.7z, you need to install a program that can extract 7Z files, such as 7-Zip, PeaZip, The Unarchiver, or Keka. After installing the program, you can double-click the file to open it, or right-click it and choose to open it with the program of your choice. You will then see the contents of the file, which may include images, videos, text files, or other data from Pikabu. You can extract the files to a folder on your computer or view them directly from the program.

Pikabu is a popular website among Russian-speaking internet users, where they can post and discuss various topics, such as humor, news, memes, stories, opinions, life hacks, and more. The website has a rating system that allows users to vote for the best content and comments. Pikabu also has a social impact, as it has been involved in some charitable and political activities . However, Pikabu also faces some challenges, such as censorship, legal issues, data leaks, moderation policies, and ownership changes .

If you are interested in exploring Pikabu’s content and community, you can visit their website or join their subreddit r/Pikabu. However, be aware that most of the content is in Russian and may contain mature or controversial topics. You may also need a VPN service to access Pikabu if you are in a country where it is blocked.

Pikabu is not the only website that offers a platform for Russian-speaking internet users to share and discuss content. There are also other alternatives, such as DTF, TJournal, JoyReactor, and Dirty. Each of these websites has its own features, advantages, and disadvantages, depending on your preferences and interests. For example, DTF and TJournal focus more on technology, media, and culture, while JoyReactor and Dirty are more oriented towards humor, memes, and entertainment. Some of these websites also have their own subreddits, such as r/DTF and r/TJournal.

However, none of these websites can completely replace Pikabu, as it has a unique history, culture, and community that make it stand out among other similar websites. Pikabu has been around since 2009 and has grown to become one of the most visited websites in Russia and the CIS countries . It has also developed its own slang, memes, traditions, and celebrities that are familiar to many Pikabu users. For example, some of the popular terms on Pikabu include “пикабушник” (pikabushnik), which means a Pikabu user; “зашквар” (zashkvar), which means something shameful or disgraceful; “плюсануть” (plusanut), which means to upvote; and “минусануть” (minusanut), which means to downvote . Some of the famous personalities on Pikabu include “Анонимный Дед Мороз” (Anonymous Santa Claus), who organizes annual gift exchanges among Pikabu users; “Зелёный пиксель” (Green Pixel), who creates pixel art based on Pikabu posts; and “Максим Хрящев” (Maxim Khryaschev), who is the founder and former owner of Pikabu .

Therefore, if you are looking for a website that offers a rich and diverse content and community for Russian-speaking internet users, you may want to give Pikabu a try. You may find something that interests you, entertains you, educates you, or inspires you. You may also make some new friends, learn some new things, or contribute some new content. Just remember to follow the rules of the website and respect the opinions of others. And don’t forget to have fun!