Ooho: The Edible Water Bottle That Could Save the Planet

Ooho: The Edible Water Bottle That Could Save the Planet

Water is essential for life, but plastic water bottles are not. Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste end up in landfills and oceans, posing a threat to wildlife and the environment. What if there was a way to drink water without generating any plastic waste? That’s the idea behind Ooho, an edible water bottle made from seaweed packaging.

Ooho is a product of Skipping Rocks Lab, a London-based startup that aims to create sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic packaging. Ooho is made from 100% seaweed and plants, and it can be filled with any liquid, such as water, juice, or sauce. The seaweed membrane is edible, biodegradable, and cheaper than plastic. To drink from Ooho, you can either bite into it and release the liquid inside, or swallow it whole.

Ooho was invented by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre-Yves Paslier, two students at Imperial College London who were concerned about the impact of plastic pollution on the planet. They were inspired by molecular gastronomy techniques and used sodium alginate from brown algae and calcium chloride to create a gel-like material that can form around frozen liquid balls. The result is a flexible, transparent sphere that can hold up to 250 ml of liquid.

Ooho has been used for various events and purposes, such as marathons, festivals, and catering. In 2019, Ooho partnered with Lucozade Sport to provide edible water bottles at the London Marathon, replacing 200,000 plastic bottles. Ooho has also been used to deliver condiments and cocktails in edible sachets. The company aims to expand its production and distribution of Ooho globally and make it available for consumers to buy online or in stores.

Ooho is not only a novel way to drink water, but also a potential solution to the global plastic crisis. By using natural and renewable materials, Ooho reduces the environmental footprint of packaging and offers a more sustainable option for hydration. Ooho is one of the many innovations that are trying to make the world a greener place.

Benefits of Ooho

Ooho has many benefits over conventional plastic water bottles, both for the environment and for the consumers. Some of the benefits are:

  • Ooho is biodegradable and compostable, meaning it does not contribute to plastic pollution or waste. It can decompose in four to six weeks, unlike plastic bottles that can take hundreds of years to break down.
  • Ooho is edible and hygienic, meaning it can be consumed along with the liquid inside or discarded without harm. It has no taste, but flavors can be added to make it more appealing.
  • Ooho is cheaper than plastic, costing less than 2 cents to produce. It uses natural and renewable materials, such as seaweed and plants, that are abundant and low-cost.
  • Ooho is innovative and fun, meaning it can attract consumers who are looking for a new way to drink water or other liquids. It can also be used for other purposes, such as delivering condiments, cocktails, or cosmetics.
  • Ooho is sustainable and humanitarian, meaning it can help reduce the environmental footprint of packaging and offer a more eco-friendly option for hydration. It can also be shipped to areas recovering from natural disasters or lacking clean water access.

Ooho is a promising product that could revolutionize the way we drink water and other liquids. By using Ooho, we can enjoy hydration without harming the planet.