Mopostola Mix: A Collection of Gospel Songs by Universal Khathisma Apostolic Church in Zion

Mopostola Mix: A Collection of Gospel Songs by Universal Khathisma Apostolic Church in Zion

Mopostola Mix is a YouTube channel that features a variety of gospel songs by Universal Khathisma Apostolic Church in Zion, a South African church that practices African Initiated Christianity. The channel has over 70,000 subscribers and millions of views on its videos. The songs are sung in different languages, such as Sotho, Zulu, and Xhosa, and are accompanied by traditional instruments and dances. The songs are uplifting, inspirational, and spiritual, and often quote verses from the Bible.

Some of the popular songs on the channel are:

  • Ntate Ke Mang: A song that asks who is like God, who created the heavens and the earth, and who gives life and salvation.
  • Lona Ba Ratang Ho Phela: A song that encourages those who love to live to trust in God, who is the source of life and peace.
  • Yehla Moya: A song that invites the Holy Spirit to come and fill the hearts of the believers, and to heal and restore them.
  • O Etla Jesu: A song that expresses the longing for Jesus to come and reign in the world, and to bring joy and happiness.
  • Amazulu: A song that praises God for his greatness and power, and for his promises of heaven and eternal life.

Mopostola Mix is a channel that showcases the rich and diverse musical culture of Universal Khathisma Apostolic Church in Zion, and its faith and devotion to God. The channel is a source of entertainment, education, and edification for its listeners, who can enjoy the songs and learn more about the church and its beliefs.

The Universal Khathisma Apostolic Church in Zion is one of the many branches of African Initiated Christianity, which emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a response to colonialism and missionary influence. The church was founded by **Prophet Petrus Lefatshe Laka** in 1935, after he received a vision from God to start a new ministry. The church is based on the teachings of the Bible, but also incorporates elements of African culture and tradition, such as ancestral veneration, healing practices, and prophetic guidance. The church has grown to have millions of members across South Africa and neighboring countries, and has established several sub-churches and choirs.

One of the most prominent features of the Universal Khathisma Apostolic Church in Zion is its music, which is a blend of gospel, hymns, and African rhythms. The music is performed by the **Universal Khathisma Choir**, which consists of both male and female singers who wear colorful uniforms and hats. The choir sings in various languages, such as Sotho, Zulu, Xhosa, and English, and uses instruments such as drums, keyboards, guitars, and horns. The music is lively, energetic, and joyful, and often involves dancing and clapping. The choir has recorded several albums and DVDs, and has performed at various events and festivals. The choir has also gained popularity on social media platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, where it has thousands of followers and listeners.