Mashle: The Magicless Hero Who Defies a World of Magic

Mashle: The Magicless Hero Who Defies a World of Magic

Mashle: Magic and Muscles (Japanese: マッシュル, Hepburn: Masshuru) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Kōmoto. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since January 2020, with its chapters collected in 16 tankōbon volumes as of April 2023. An anime television series adaptation by A-1 Pictures premiered in April 2023.

The story is set in a world where magic is everything and those who can’t use it are discriminated and persecuted. Mash Burnedead is a young boy who was born without magic, but possesses incredible physical strength and agility. He lives in the forest with his adoptive father, Regro, who taught him how to survive and fight. However, his peaceful life is threatened when he is discovered by the Magic Police, who want to eliminate him for being a threat to the gene pool. To protect himself and his father, Mash decides to enroll in the prestigious Easton Magic Academy, where he aims to become a Divine Visionary, the highest rank of magic users. There, he meets various friends and foes, and uses his muscles to overcome any obstacle or challenge.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a comedy-action-fantasy manga that parodies the tropes and clichés of the shōnen genre. It features a cast of quirky and colorful characters, each with their own unique magic and personality. The manga is known for its humorous and absurd situations, as well as its impressive and dynamic fight scenes. The anime adaptation follows the manga closely, with some additional scenes and original content. The anime also boasts high-quality animation and sound effects, as well as a catchy opening theme song performed by LiSA.

Some of the main characters in Mashle: Magic and Muscles are:

  • Mash Burnedead: The protagonist of the series. He is a magicless boy who relies on his physical prowess to fight. He loves cream puffs and is often seen eating them. He has a deadpan expression and a blunt personality, but he is also kind and selfless. He has a unique fighting style he calls “Muscle Magic”, which uses his physical power to perform unpredictable moves. He also carries an Iron Wand, which he can bend into various shapes and use as a weapon.
  • Finn Ames: Mash’s roommate and friend at the academy. He is a timid and polite boy who comes from a noble family. His older brother is Rayne Ames, a current Divine Visionary. His personal magic allows him to swap the positions of objects. He usually plays the straight man to Mash’s antics.
  • Lance Crown: Mash’s rival and friend at the academy. He is a serious and ambitious boy who wants to become a Divine Visionary to save his sister, who suffers from a magic-depleting disease. He has a strong sense of justice and honor, but also a sister complex and a fear of bugs and ghosts. His personal magic allows him to manipulate gravity.
  • Dot Barrett: Mash’s self-proclaimed rival and friend at the academy. He is a hot-headed and impulsive boy who likes to challenge Mash to various contests. He has a fiery personality and a passion for justice, but also a soft spot for cute things. His personal magic allows him to create explosions.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised its humor, action, characters, and art style. The manga has sold over 5 million copies as of April 2023, making it one of the best-selling manga series of the year. The anime has also been well-received, with high ratings and viewership. The series has been compared to other popular shōnen manga such as One-Punch Man, Black Clover, and Harry Potter.