JPS Virus Maker: A Free and Easy Way to Create Malicious Programs

If you ever wanted to create your own viruses without any programming knowledge, you might be interested in JPS Virus Maker, a free software that allows you to choose from 48 virus options and generate a malicious executable file. However, be warned that this software is very dangerous and can cause serious damage to your computer and others.

JPS Virus Maker is a Windows application that requires installation and running in safe mode. It has a simple interface with checkboxes for different virus options, such as disabling the registry, task manager, antivirus programs, taskbar, start menu, control panel, security center, system restore, and more. It can also hide services, windows clock, all processes, folder options, change mouse buttons, lock mouse and keyboard, mute system, hide cursor, turn off monitor, destroy clipboard, and more.

Unlike some other virus makers, such as TeraBIT Virus Maker, JPS Virus Maker does not offer much customization or camouflage for the virus. You cannot choose icons, define messages, or encrypt the virus. However, it does offer some extra functionalities that TeraBIT does not include. For example, it can make the virus run at startup, spread through USB drives or email attachments, delete files or format drives.

JPS Virus Maker is a powerful and effective tool for creating viruses. However, it is also very risky and irresponsible to use it for malicious purposes. You could infect your own computer or others with serious consequences. You could also get detected by antivirus programs or law enforcement agencies. Therefore, we do not recommend using this software for anything other than educational or research purposes.

If you want to learn more about JPS Virus Maker, you can watch this video where the developer introduces the software and its features.

How to Use JPS Virus Maker Safely and Ethically

If you are curious about JPS Virus Maker and want to try it out, you should follow some precautions and guidelines to avoid harming yourself or others. Here are some tips to use JPS Virus Maker safely and ethically:

  • Use a virtual machine or a sandbox environment to run JPS Virus Maker and test the viruses. This way, you can isolate the virus from your main system and prevent it from spreading or causing damage.
  • Do not share or distribute the viruses you create with JPS Virus Maker. You could infect other computers or networks without their consent or knowledge. You could also face legal consequences if you are caught.
  • Do not use JPS Virus Maker to create viruses that target specific individuals, groups, or organizations. You could violate their privacy, security, or rights. You could also provoke retaliation or conflict.
  • Do not use JPS Virus Maker to create viruses that have destructive or harmful effects, such as deleting files, formatting drives, or disabling system functions. You could cause irreversible damage or loss of data.
  • Use JPS Virus Maker only for educational or research purposes. You can learn about how viruses work, how they are detected and removed, and how they can be prevented. You can also use JPS Virus Maker to test the security of your own system or network.

By following these tips, you can use JPS Virus Maker in a safe and ethical way. However, you should always be careful and responsible when dealing with viruses and malware. Remember that JPS Virus Maker is a dangerous software that should not be used for malicious purposes.