Issuu: A Digital Publishing Platform for Creators and Marketers

Issuu: A Digital Publishing Platform for Creators and Marketers

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that allows creators to share, discover, and monetize digital magazines, catalogs and other publications with a global audience. Whether you are an artist, an architect, a designer, a real estate agent, a travel professional, or a nonprofit organization, Issuu can help you create and distribute engaging content across various channels.

With Issuu, you can upload static files and convert them into a suite of dynamic assets, such as digital flipbooks, social posts, articles, GIFs, and more. You can also enrich your flipbooks with interactive features like links, videos, and embeds. Issuu integrates with popular tools like Canva, InDesign, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Mailchimp to streamline your workflow. You can also track the performance of your content with statistics and insights, and monetize your publications commission-free with digital sales.

Issuu has over 100 million publications and 45 million active readers per month. You can browse through different categories and collections to find inspiration and learn from other Issuu users. You can also follow the Issuu Official account to get updates on Issuu features, integrations, webinars, and customer stories.

If you want to discover what you can do with Issuu, sign up for a free account today and start creating your own digital publications.

Issuu is more than just a digital publishing platform. It is also a content marketing tool that helps you reach and engage your target audience. Here are some of the ways you can use Issuu to promote your content and grow your brand:

  • Create a library of powerful assets in minutes. Quickly generate a suite of shareable assets from a single publication: GIFs, social posts, articles, and more. Adapt and edit them in our drag-and-drop builders, or share your work right away. We take the guesswork out of repurposing content so you can focus on driving traffic and delivering a stellar experience across channels.
  • Make publications accessible anytime, on any device. Upload and host digital flipbooks online with a static URL for easy-to-access reading 24/7. Share your flipbook in different ways, too – as a link, in an email, or embedded on a website – while keeping its smooth flipping animation. Read more about the power of our Embed feature.
  • Grow your audience with statistics and insights. Make data-driven decisions by monitoring the performance of your content with Statistics. Meaningful insights about audience engagement help you analyze, adapt, and promote your work. Visualize data and generate reports that can be downloaded and shared. Best of all? Take what you learn about your audience to monetize your content with commission-free Digital Sales.

Issuu is the platform of choice for fast-growing companies and creative professionals who want to create and distribute captivating content. Join Issuu today and see for yourself how easy it is to turn your files into digital publishing magic.