Ingoma Yangempela: The Maskandi Jam by Sgwebo Sentambo

Ingoma Yangempela: The Maskandi Jam by Sgwebo Sentambo

Ingoma Yangempela is a new song by Sgwebo Sentambo, a talented Maskandi artist from South Africa. The song is part of his album Umlando Uyaziphinda, which was released in March 2023. Ingoma Yangempela means “the real song” in Zulu, and it showcases Sgwebo Sentambo’s skills and passion for the traditional music genre.

Maskandi is a type of folk music that originated in the Zulu culture. It is characterized by the use of acoustic guitars, concertinas, harmonicas, and percussion instruments. The lyrics are often about social issues, personal experiences, or praise for ancestors and heroes. Maskandi is popular among the rural and urban communities in South Africa, and it has influenced other genres such as hip hop, kwaito, and gospel.

Sgwebo Sentambo is one of the leading figures in the Maskandi scene. He started his career in 2010, and he has released several albums and singles since then. He has collaborated with other artists such as Bahubhe, Luve Dubazane, Imfezemnyama, and Jaiva Zimnike. He has also won awards and nominations for his music, such as the Best Maskandi Album at the South African Music Awards in 2022.

Ingoma Yangempela is a catchy and upbeat song that celebrates the beauty and authenticity of Maskandi music. Sgwebo Sentambo sings with pride and confidence about his love for the genre and his ability to create original and quality songs. He also challenges other artists to respect and uphold the values and traditions of Maskandi music. The song has a lively rhythm and melody that will make you want to dance and sing along.

If you are a fan of Maskandi music or you want to discover more about this unique and rich genre, you should listen to Ingoma Yangempela by Sgwebo Sentambo. You can find the song on various streaming platforms such as YouTube , JustNaija, FakazaHub, and more. You can also check out his other songs from his album Umlando Uyaziphinda, which means “history repeats itself” in Zulu.

Maskandi music is not only a form of entertainment, but also a way of life for many people in South Africa. It reflects the culture, history, and identity of the Zulu people, and it also expresses their hopes, struggles, and aspirations. Maskandi music is a source of inspiration and empowerment for many listeners, who can relate to the stories and messages of the songs.

Sgwebo Sentambo is one of the artists who has contributed to the growth and development of Maskandi music. He has brought innovation and creativity to the genre, while still respecting its roots and essence. He has also inspired many young and upcoming artists to pursue their dreams and talents in Maskandi music. He is a role model and a leader in the Maskandi community.

Ingoma Yangempela is a song that represents Sgwebo Sentambo’s vision and mission in Maskandi music. He wants to preserve and promote the genre as a valuable and authentic form of art and culture. He also wants to challenge and encourage other artists to create original and quality songs that will make Maskandi music proud. He believes that Maskandi music is the real song, and he wants to share it with the world.