How to Use E-Sys 3.25.3 with psdzdata 3.52.1 to Code Your BMW Car

If you are a BMW enthusiast who wants to customize your car’s software settings, you may have heard of E-Sys, a software tool that allows you to code, flash and update the modules on your BMW. In this article, we will show you how to use E-Sys 3.25.3 with psdzdata 3.52.1, which are the latest versions available as of April 2023.

What is E-Sys and psdzdata?

E-Sys is a software application that runs on Windows and communicates with your BMW car via an ENET interface cable (OBD to Ethernet). It can read and write data to the car’s modules, such as changing the default settings, enabling or disabling features, updating the firmware, etc. E-Sys can also perform diagnostics and error clearing on your car.

psdzdata is a data package that contains all the information needed for E-Sys to work with your car. It includes the configuration files, parameter files, coding data, etc. for each model and series of BMW cars. psdzdata is updated regularly by BMW to reflect the changes in the software and hardware of the cars.

How to download and install E-Sys 3.25.3 and psdzdata 3.52.1?

There are many sources online where you can download E-Sys 3.25.3 and psdzdata 3.52.1 for free or for a fee. However, some of them may be outdated, corrupted, infected or incomplete. Therefore, we recommend you to use a reliable and trustworthy source, such as MHH AUTO[^1^], where you can find the latest versions of E-Sys and psdzdata along with other useful tools and resources for BMW coding.

To download E-Sys 3.25.3 and psdzdata 3.52.1 from MHH AUTO, you need to register an account on the forum and send a private message to the user miguelsilv6[^1^], who is the original poster of the thread “E-SYS 3.25.3 + EST File + PIN (Windows 10)”[^1^]. He will provide you with a Mega key after you thank him and give him reputation points on the forum.

Once you have the Mega key, you can use it to access the Mega link where you can download E-Sys 3.25.3 and psdzdata 3.52.1 as .rar files. You will need a software like WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract them to your computer.

After extracting the files, you will need to install E-Sys 3.25.3 by running the setup.exe file and following the instructions on the screen. You will also need to copy the EST file and the PIN file to the E-Sys installation folder (usually C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys).

Next, you will need to copy the psdzdata folder to the E-Sys data folder (usually C:\Data). You may need to rename or delete any existing psdzdata folder before copying the new one.

How to use E-Sys 3.25.3 with psdzdata 3.52.1 to code your BMW car?

Before you start coding your BMW car with E-Sys 3.25.3 and psdzdata 3.52.1, you will need to connect your car to your computer via an ENET interface cable (OBD to Ethernet). You will also need to turn on your car’s ignition (but not start the engine) and make sure your computer has a stable internet connection.

Then, you can launch E-Sys 3.25.3 from your desktop or start menu and enter the PIN code that you copied from the PIN file earlier when prompted.

Next, you will need to select your car’s model and series from the drop-down menu on the top left corner of E-Sys and click on “Connect”. E-Sys will then read your car’s VIN number and show you a list