SID MSC Releases New Music Video for “TIRENME MAS”

SID MSC, the popular Latin trap artist, has dropped a new music video for his latest single “TIRENME MAS”. The song, which translates to “Throw Me More”, is a defiant anthem that showcases SID MSC’s rap skills and charisma.

The video, directed by Update Witness, features SID MSC and his crew in various locations, such as a rooftop, a warehouse and a car park. The visuals are dynamic and colorful, matching the energy and attitude of the song. The video also includes some special effects, such as fire and smoke, that add to the impact of the scenes.

“TIRENME MAS” is the third single from SID MSC’s upcoming album, which is expected to be released later this year. The song follows the success of his previous hits “Welcome” and “Wind Watch”, which have amassed millions of views and streams on YouTube and Spotify.

Fans can watch the video for “TIRENME MAS” on SID MSC’s official YouTube channel or download the mp3 file from MP3 Music Download. The song is also available on other streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal.

SID MSC is one of the most prominent artists in the Latin trap scene, which combines elements of hip hop, reggaeton and trap music. He started his career in 2018 with his debut mixtape “SID MSC Vol. 1”, which received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. Since then, he has collaborated with other famous artists, such as Bad Bunny, Anuel AA and J Balvin.

His music is known for its catchy hooks, witty lyrics and infectious beats. He often raps about his life experiences, his struggles and his ambitions. He also addresses social issues, such as poverty, violence and discrimination. He has a loyal fan base that supports him and his message.

SID MSC has received several awards and nominations for his work, including a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Urban Music Album in 2020. He has also performed at various festivals and events, such as Coachella, Lollapalooza and the Billboard Latin Music Awards. He is considered one of the most influential and successful Latin artists of his generation.

In addition to his music career, SID MSC is also involved in other projects and ventures. He has launched his own clothing line, called “SID MSC Collection”, which features urban and streetwear designs. He has also appeared in some movies and TV shows, such as “Fast & Furious 9” and “Narcos: Mexico”. He is also an avid gamer and streamer, who often plays online games with his fans and friends.

SID MSC is also a philanthropist and a social activist, who supports various causes and charities. He has donated money and supplies to help victims of natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. He has also spoken out against human rights violations, such as police brutality and racism. He has participated in campaigns and movements, such as “Black Lives Matter” and “No More Silence”. He has also founded his own foundation, called “SID MSC Foundation”, which aims to empower and educate young people in Latin America.

SID MSC is a versatile and talented artist, who has proven himself as a leader and a pioneer in the Latin trap genre. He has inspired many people with his music and his actions. He continues to work hard and innovate, always striving to deliver quality and originality to his fans. He is a true star, who shines brighter than the sun.