Why You Should Buy DVC from Disney

Why You Should Buy DVC from Disney

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a flexible and affordable way to enjoy Disney vacations for years to come. As a DVC member, you can choose from a variety of Disney resorts and destinations, and even exchange your points for other vacation options. But did you know that buying DVC from Disney has some unique benefits that you won’t get if you buy from a third-party resale?

Here are some reasons why you should buy DVC from Disney:

  • Access to more vacation destinations and exchange options. When you buy DVC from Disney, you can enjoy access to all 14 DVC resorts, as well as the Disney Collection, which includes select Disney Resort hotels, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, and more. You can also access the World Collection, which includes thousands of hotels and resorts around the world through hotel exchange. If you buy DVC from resale, you will only have access to the 14 DVC resorts and will not be able to use your points for the Disney Collection or the World Collection.
  • Guaranteed quality and service. When you buy DVC from Disney, you can be assured that your ownership interest is authentic and verified by Disney. You will also receive excellent service and support from Disney Vacation Club Member Services, who can help you with booking, banking, borrowing, and any other questions you may have. If you buy DVC from resale, you may not be able to verify the validity of your ownership interest, and you may encounter issues with transferring or using your points.
  • Special offers and discounts. When you buy DVC from Disney, you may be eligible for special offers and discounts that are exclusive to direct buyers. For example, you may receive a lower purchase price per point, a lower annual dues rate, a lower interest rate on financing, or a bonus point incentive. You may also receive discounts on merchandise, dining, recreation, tours, and more at select Disney locations. If you buy DVC from resale, you will not be eligible for any of these offers or discounts.

As you can see, buying DVC from Disney has many advantages over buying from resale. If you want to enjoy the full benefits of DVC membership and have access to more vacation options and perks, then buying DVC from Disney is the way to go. To learn more about buying DVC from Disney, visit https://disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com/dvc-direct-vs-resale/ or call (800) 500-3990.

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How does DVC work? DVC is a vacation ownership program that allows you to purchase a real estate interest in a Disney resort. You will receive an annual allotment of Vacation Points that you can use to book accommodations at any DVC resort, subject to availability and booking guidelines. You can also use your points to book vacations at other Disney destinations or exchange them for other vacation options through hotel exchange. Your DVC membership lasts for the duration of your contract, which varies depending on the resort you choose. You will also pay annual dues to cover the maintenance and operation of the resorts.

How much does DVC cost? The cost of DVC depends on several factors, such as the resort you choose, the number of points you purchase, the purchase price per point, the annual dues rate, and the financing options. The minimum number of points you can purchase from Disney is 150, and the purchase price per point varies by resort and may change over time. The annual dues rate also varies by resort and is subject to change every year. You can pay for your DVC purchase in full or finance it through Disney Vacation Club Financing, which offers competitive interest rates and flexible terms.

How can I buy DVC from Disney? There are several ways to buy DVC from Disney. You can visit a Disney Vacation Club Preview Center at select Disney locations or request a free DVD or brochure online. You can also contact a Disney Vacation Club Guide, who can answer your questions and help you with the purchase process. You can reach a Disney Vacation Club Guide by calling (800) 500-3990 or by filling out an online form at https://disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com/contact/. Buying DVC from Disney is easy and convenient, and you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with buying from a trusted source.