13 : Let’s Go Home Together! – A New Hit Song by Ella Henderson and Tom Grennan

13 : Let's Go Home Together! - A New Hit Song by Ella Henderson and Tom Grennan

If you are looking for a catchy and uplifting song to brighten up your day, look no further than 13 : Let’s Go Home Together! by Ella Henderson and Tom Grennan. This song is a duet between the two British singers, who have teamed up for the first time to create a pop anthem that celebrates love and friendship.

The song was released on February 19, 2021, and has since climbed up the charts in the UK and other countries. It has also received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised the chemistry and vocals of the two artists. The song is about meeting someone at a party and feeling an instant connection, and wanting to go home with them and spend the night together.

The chorus goes like this:

So why don’t you say it?
Say you feel the same way
‘Cause I know you do
I can see it on your face
So why don’t we go now?
Don’t wanna waste another day
Let’s go home together
I don’t wanna be alone tonight
Let’s go home together
13 : Let’s go home together

The song has a catchy melody and a upbeat tempo that makes you want to dance and sing along. The video for the song features Ella and Tom as two strangers who meet at a bar and end up having a fun night out. They also perform the song live on various shows and events, such as The Graham Norton Show and The BRIT Awards 2021.

13 : Let’s Go Home Together! is a song that will make you smile and feel good. It is a perfect example of how music can bring people together and create joy. If you haven’t heard it yet, you should definitely check it out and add it to your playlist. You won’t regret it!

13 : Let’s Go Home Together! is not only a hit song, but also a meaningful one for both Ella and Tom. In an interview with Capital FM, they revealed that the song was inspired by their own personal experiences and stories. Ella said that she wrote the song after meeting her boyfriend at a party, and Tom said that he related to the song because he had a similar situation with his girlfriend.

They also shared how they became friends and collaborators. They met at a charity event in 2019, where they performed together for the first time. They hit it off and decided to work on some music together. They recorded 13 : Let’s Go Home Together! in a studio in London, and had a lot of fun making it. They said that they have a lot of respect and admiration for each other, and that they hope to collaborate again in the future.

13 : Let’s Go Home Together! is a song that showcases the talent and personality of Ella and Tom. They are both rising stars in the music industry, who have achieved success and recognition with their own solo careers. Ella is best known for her songs Ghost, Glorious, and Take Care of You, while Tom is famous for his songs Found What I’ve Been Looking For, Little Bit of Love, and Amen. They are both nominated for several awards at the upcoming Global Awards 2021, where they will also perform their duet live.

13 : Let’s Go Home Together! is a song that you should listen to if you love pop music, or if you just need a boost of happiness and energy. It is a song that will make you feel good and remind you of the power of love and friendship. It is a song that will make you want to go home with someone special tonight.